ClairePhillipsFlyerOCScreen Shot 2017-03-06 at 4.13.24 PMAuthor and speaker Sig Unander brings great stories alive with dynamic, carefully-researched presentations that engage, educate and inspire, creating a memorable event.

Presentations That Inspire” consist of seven different public speaking programs, thoughtfully planned and well researched, that utilize PowerPoint, slide or film media. Topics are carefully chosen and tested: powerful stories that seamlessly connect us with our past and provide inspiration for the future.

These unique and stimulating programs have entertained, engaged and educated audiences at libraries, universities, community centers, civic organizations, museums, generating favorable comments, return invitations and media coverage.

Handouts are provided for audience members and photos, documents, artwork and memorabilia pertaining to each program are displayed. Program sheets and media releases are available for event promotion. Program duration is adjusted to audience and organization requirements, usually about one hour, including a question and answer session.

Contact Sig to schedule a presentation or for details. Programs currently available for booking are:

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• Claire Phillips: The Manila Mata Hari

Free-spirited stage actress and singer Claire Phillips never achieved stardom on the silver screen. But the real-life role she played as a glamorous nightclub owner, spy and savior of American prisoners of war in the occupied Philippines brought her greater glory – and peril.


• San Francisco 1906: Destruction by Earthquake, Trial by Fire

The destruction of the leading city in the West over four tragic days by a Magnitude 8 earthquake that struck without warning and the firestorm that followed. This epic event changed the city forever and holds lessons as we prepare for the coming Cascadia quake.


• Mexico’s Aztec Eagles: Hispanic Heroes of World War II

As Mexico joined the United States to oppose the Axis powers, an elite unit of Mexican fighter pilots took the fight to the enemy in the Philippines. The men of Fighter Squadron 201 proved themselves under fire and helped foster better relations between both countries.


• Theodore Roosevelt: Explorer, Reformer, Conservationist

Born to wealth and privilege, Roosevelt became an advocate of the working man and populist reformer, taking on big oil, banks and railroads. A combat leader and proponent of military strength, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for ending a major conflict in the Far East.


• Red Tail Angels: Legendary American Aviators

The first black fighter pilots to fly and fight for their country, the “Red Tail Angels” blazed a trail of glory in the frozen skies over Germany in World War II. Led by Col. Benjamin Davis, they fought Nazi tyranny abroad and helped end segregation in the Armed Forces at home.

WASP- B-26

• Fly Gals: Women Airforce Service Pilots in World War II

The first American women military pilots in history, the WASPs flew vital ferry, training and flight test missions, freeing up men for combat. Disbanded for political reasons, their unit’s dedicated service was forgotten for decades until Congress recognized and honored them.

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• Simon Benson: Lumber King, Civic Leader, Visionary

A humble Norwegian immigrant gifted with immense talent and ambition, Benson
overcame daunting challenges to become a lumber magnate who used his wealth and influence to give back to his adopted state and country, leaving a lasting legacy.

Columbus Day

• West Coast Hurricane: The Columbus Day Storm

The greatest natural disaster to hit the region, this extra-tropical cyclone devastated the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 1962. The widespread destruction and long, costly recovery left memorable stories of survival and resilience and important lessons for the future.