Sig Unander Bio

A professional communicator and community leader, Sig is a native of Portland, Oregon. He began his career working in broadcast and print journalism at media outlets in New Mexico, Minnesota and Georgia and as a freelance writer. Returning to Oregon, he worked for KYTE and KLLB, Portland, helped launch the annual Rose Festival Air Show, worked as a communications specialist, ran a fine art publishing company and edited a business magazine. More recently he held positions as Director of Public Relations with Latin Media Northwest and Project Development Director with Eravision, a Los Angeles film production company.

Sig owns Presentations That Inspire, a public speaking, writing, editing and consulting business located in a Portland suburb. Known for meticulous writing and research, he works with businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, libraries and private clients on diverse projects. He is a member of Authors Guild, Willamette Writers, the Society of Professional Journalists and Northwest Writers & Publishers Association.

A strong advocate of public service, Sig has served as an elected city councilor and an appointed commissioner on several county government boards and committees. He has served as Vice-President of the Public Affairs Forum, President of the Simon Benson Fund and a board member of several other nonprofits. He is active in chambers of commerce and civic organizations and writes editorials and opinion pieces highlighting current issues.

Sig holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Pacific University and served as President of its Alumni Association board. He also holds a post-baccalaureate degree in Latin American Studies from Portland State University. He is fluent in Spanish and has several other languages.

He has extensively researched the Mexican Expeditionary Air Force, an elite fighter squadron that served with the U.S, Army Air Force World War II. In 2005 he worked with the foreign ministries of Mexico and the Philippines to arrange interviews with the distinguished veterans of Squadron 201 and location shoots for a film about the unit, on which he was an associate producer.

Narrated by Edward James Olmos, The Forgotten Eagles is the only comprehensive documentary on these international heroes. In 2007 Sig returned to Manila and presented President Gloria Arroyo with a fine art lithograph he published, signed by the Mexican aviators whom she had decorated with the Legion of Honor. He has authored articles and a book manuscript about America’s strategic wartime alliance with Mexico.

The same year he began researching Claire Phillips, a spy who received the United States’ highest wartime civilian decoration for her espionage and humanitarian aid to American prisoners of war in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. He is currently completing a narrative nonfiction book on Phillips titled Lonely Courage.

Sig is a popular public speaker who has developed a series of seven unique speaking programs. Using visual media and an interactive approach, he presents regularly on important topics that engage, inform and inspire.